KIKLO ensures that your privacy is protected, and this is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We don’t use any cookie nor any tracking device that may allow us to track your browsing habits or to establish your profile. You are of course entitled to the rights provided by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), but most of all we care about fully respecting the data minimization principle, that is that we don’t collect data that is unnecessary to deliver to you the services that you need. We never try to know who you are or what you are personally doing when using our search engine. When we do need to collect data, we do not disclose nor sell it for commercial or other uses. We use it exclusively to provide you with the services offered by KIKLO.

This Privacy Policy is aimed at explaining in further details our ethical approach towards personal data, and at explaining the few cases where we have to collect information about you, the reasons why we collect such data, and the way we might use it. It also presents the security measures that we apply to protect their confidentiality, and reminds your rights and how to exercize them.

KIKLO collects data for the following reasons

KIKLO does not require any registration to use its search engine. However, you may want to register an account to sign-in and enjoy advanced functionalities.

In such cases, we collect some personal data such as your name, firstname and email address:

  • when you register to our services. You are free to manage yourself all the information related to your account (information changes, corrections, updates and deletion);
  • or when you use forms available on our website, so that KIKLO can process your request.

KIKLO also collects connection data, not associated with your search queries, only to ensure the security of its information system and, if you create or modify Boards, to respect the obligation to identify content creators mandated by law.

Even when you are connected with an ID, we don’t use any cookie nor any other tracking device when you browse the site. The only technology that may be installed on your browser, called “local storage”, is used to locally save your settings (language, activation or deactivation of options…). You can delete personal data stored in your “local storage” by deactivating cookies in your browser. However, this deactivation may prevent you from accessing some functionalities of the site, such as your browsing preferences.

Users personal data are collected and processed by KIKLO solely for the following purposes:

  • the technical management of the user’s account(s) and available services, in accordance with our Terms of Use,  on the basis of article 6.1.b of the GDPR (processing that is necessary for the execution of the contract between you and us);
  • the management of information requests, in the context of the use of the services, on the basis for article 6.1.b of the GDPR (processing that is necessary for the execution of the Terms of Use, which are a contract between you and us);
  • the management of job applications, in the context of KIKLO recruitment processes, on the basis of article 6.1.f of the GDPR (our legitimate interest, with respect to your fundamental rights and freedoms, to process your job applications);
  • the management of delisting requests, requests related to rights regarding personal data, and content removal requests, in the context of the compliance by KIKLO of its legal obligations, on the basis of article 6.1.c of the GDPR (necessity to comply with legal requirements);
  • the security of KIKLO's information system, in the context of the management of the security and smooth operation of the services, including by detecting fraudulent clicks on ads and automated abusive search queries, on the basis of article 6.1.F of the GDPR (our legitimate interest to secure our services and detect anomalies in their use);
  • the indexing of the Web and the presentation of the results associated to the keywords entered by the user, on the basis of article 6.1.b of the GDPR (processing that is necessary for the execution of the Terms of Use, which are a contract between you and us).

How do we manage you personal data?

Your data is stored on servers which belong to us and are in no case transmitted to external technical subcontractors.

Some data are transmitted after anonymization to third party advertising partners, for click fraud and abuses detection, the detection of automated systems (bots), and the selection of local ads at the scale of a region or a region.

Our subcontractors provide us with the following services (hosting, indexing):

  • Provision of secure location for our servers:

How long do we keep this personal data?

Users personal data is kept as long as you use the services provided by the site.

For data of your KIKLO account, your data will be deleted after 7 days from the day you delete your account. During this time, you have the possibility to reactivate your account by using your identifier and password.

Regarding data collected for the processing of information requests, KIKLO deletes them within 6 months after the receipt of the request.

For job applications, we retain the data for a maximum of two years, where they may be transmitted to partners, unless stated otherwise by the candidate.

For connection data, we do not collect directly identifiying information (we do not store your IP address). The information we process for user queries are a hashed IP address and approximate geolocation.