KIKLO aspires to develop and bring to market Novel and Innovative technologies and products in the fields of Close-range, Aerial and Satellite imagery analysis, Location-based services, Spatial analysis, Geo-registration, Visualization of Cultural Heritage, Medical applications, etc.

In this context KIKLO develops a cloud based infrastructure to support and provide services in the above-mentioned fields.The following Solutions are the products that KIKLO aims to launch.

products indoor

KIKLO develops and provides an Indoor/Outdoor high precision localization platform using Beacon and Wifi technology integrated with Geographic Information Systems. Specific Web and mobile applications focus on:

  • Indoor/Outdoor high-precision Localization and positioning platform
  • Monitoring and navigation services for the disabled using Indoor/Outdoor location Services
  • Indoor location analytics for large commercial space such as Malls and Shopping Centres

KIKLO leverages the potential of AR and VR technology providing high end users' visualized applications. Some of the applications that KIKLO is developing on this field are the following:

  • Smart brochures using AR interaction
  • Personalized archaeological findings tour using virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tools
  • Culture virtual tour Digital Postcard


KIKLO develops and provides automated web services (SaaS) for third parties to detect and monitor land use/cover changes. These processes can be implemented using free or low cost Copernicus satellite imagery or higher resolution products at additional Costs.

In this context and due to KIKLO's R&D activities the following topics are covered.

  • Remote Sensing and image interpretation algorithms detecting environmental issues for legal use.
  • Detection, monitoring, management and brokerage of marginal lands System on European Carbon Market.