Campus Safety

An innovative solution to provide your team with a real time tool to support Health and Safety in your organization.

Consists of a mobile application that enables users to report an incident real time, and a management application to monitor and manage the post incident response and supports actions needed.
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Location based infrastructure

Incorporates location-based technologies to locate the user for outdoor and indoor activities

Android compatible mobile application for end user

The end user mobile application is developed to support android platform.
Soon will be available a cross platform application to support iOS devices.

Web GIS-based events management infrastructure

A unified web Interface that incorporates Web GIS technology to support the Health and Safety department to interact with the mobile app user

Decision Support Systems

Further data analysis can be established by the events created by the Campus Safety mobile app and visualization dashboard technics is provided

HS Department management Application

All in one management system
The main management system provides alerts for incidents that took place on the last 10’, last 24h and older incidents. Furthermore, the end user can change status on the incident when the response to it and management of the incident is completed. Statistics in a dashboard form regarding the place and the type of incident is also provided.


Between the incident record on the mobile and the incident alert to the management system, no more than 6 seconds delay exist.

Easy to use Interfaces

Βoth the mobile application and the management system do not require expert user skills

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The end user mobile application is developed to support Android platform. Soon will be cross platform application supporting iOS devices also.


Location based technology uses the best location acquisition mechanism, GPS, indoor positioning or Wi-Fi and cellular location correction is used to get the best location every time.

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A native app for every platform. With an all-new look and powerful features, Campus Safety is the best way to ensure success for your goals.