GIS Development for Pafos municipality

GIS Project
Project Description

subcontracted from CYTA CY

Start Date

12 February 2021


14 Months

GIS Development for Pafos municipality

In order to improve the Pafos municipality's daily operations and logistics, data should be gathered and analyzed using a Geographic Information System (GIS). This will result in better informed decisions being made.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) project involves:

- Supply and installation of the GIS software/platform for parcels of land management within municipal boundaries.

-Supply and installation of a database system to be used by the GIS. The real estate base will be provided by the Pafos Municipality.

-Creation of the database GIS schema for the Pafos Municipality.

-Preparation, transformation and loading of the Land Surveying files in the database.

-Supply and installation of GIS desktop licenses, as well as licenses for users in the field and connection of all software to the database.

-Web creation services for Online and field users

-Creation of APIs for real-time interface with the Municipality’s ERP and the Land Surveying system.

-Preparation of standard maps and reports, as well as training of users in the preparation of maps and reports.

-Recommendations for additional services related to parcels of land for other departments and services