Cross Border Complex Floods And Forest Fires Prevention And Management

SOLVE Project
Project Description

SOLVE: INTERREG IPA CBC Greece – Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020
MIS 5066828 – Subcontractor D5.2.4

Start Date

21 July 2023


12 Months

Cross Border Complex Floods And Forest Fires Prevention And Management

SOLVE creates a coherent risk prevention and management strategy and capacity building framework to exploit on existing or underdeveloped prevention and mitigation strategies and tools exist. Floods -including flash and urban ones- and forest fires –including wild urban interface fires can be devastating and create political, social and economic problems, hindering any progress made for economic development and social cohesion, while they can drive away investments. Cross border area cannot afford missing opportunities for growth and employment.

SOLVE focuses on joint actions for most common risks (forest fires and floods). Main outputs: a) Modern equipment and joint training of operational teams (1st responders), b) Provision of scientific support and knowledge (through innovative approaches, methodologies and tools to operational decision making and c) Capitalization and mainstreaming of results. D) active citizens’ participation to prevention activities through Participatory GIS platform and focused actions. Such approach is novel and fosters the cross border cooperation at a sustainable basis, following the provisions of new civil protection law 4662/2020 and the 2020 cross border collaboration guidelines of DG ECHO.