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Since technology is our main engine in today’s world, the opportunities are limitless.

The Joint Research Centre from the EU Science Hub of the European Commission provides independent, evidence-based knowledge and science, supporting EU policies to positively impact society.

Through a selection of articles from the JRC newsletter, we will bring to you the latest news, reports and opportunities offered by the JRC, and how these developments affect our society.

Get ready to be inspired, and informed and explore the world of technology with KIKLO. We are here to lead you on a journey full of possibilities and incredible opportunities.

Articles-News  Date Link
Can nuclear physics and AI forecast earthquakes? 21 March 2024
Humanitarian crises and disasters: the world has become a riskier place over the past decade 18 March 2024
Climate-related financial risks are a major challenge 12 March 2024
Hydrogen-powered mobility in Europe shows operational benefits and technological readiness 6 March 2024
A high-resolution energy consumption atlas to shape future EU energy infrastructures 26 February 2024
Energy transition: the effects on women and the need for more inclusivity 22 February 2024
Saving the environment and shifting to renewables drives new energy technology development 14 February 2024
The Commission presented a recommendation for an EU climate target for 2040: what does science say about getting there? 9 February 2024
CO2 transport infrastructure: key to achieving climate neutrality by 2050 6 February 2024
Rooftop photovoltaics paired with energy efficiency: the key for sustainable cities around the world 18 January 2024
Are EU regions ready to tackle climate change? 5 December 2023
Wildfires in the EU: 2022 was the second-worst year, a warning from a changing climate 22 November 2023
Climate-neutral tech solutions: EU’s strong in innovation, but lags in commercialisation 15 November 2023
Mapping the landscape of clean energy research and innovation in the EU 14 November 2023
Facing increasing river flood risk in Europe: adaptation measures can save lives and billions of euro 6 February 2023
Energy in a low-carbon world: trade in fossil fuels plummets, global energy self-sufficiency increases 26 January 2023
Disastrous floods: how to better estimate risks and reduce impacts? 12 August 2021
EU coal, peat and oil shale regions: updated analysis of the challenges ahead 16 March 2021
Forest fires threaten Europe’s nature as the world suffers worst year on record 30 October 2020
JRC helps local authorities of the Northern Netherlands in the energy transition 12 June 2020
EU coal regions: opportunities and challenges ahead  31 July 2018

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