Copernicus for environmental law enforcement support

Envirolens EU Project
Project Description

H2020-SPACE-2018 GA:821918

Start Date

01 December 2018


36 Months

Copernicus for environmental law enforcement support

Legal solutions for Earth observation services

The increasing use of Earth observation (EO) technologies requests legal solutions anticipating EO data/services employment. The EU-funded EnviroLENS project will deliver specific environmental governance and law enforcement services that will allow immediate and effective monitoring by providing legal precedents.

The project will deliver technological, conceptual and commercial innovations. It will use EO technology and semantic data mining technology to integrate two seemingly unrelated domains, EO and legal, into a joint environmental enforcement ecosystem.

EnviroLENS will promote EO data as admissible court evidence, not only changing the ruling procedures but also providing principles for policymakers and lawyers to consider EO data as regular means of environmental control and include them in laws and contracts.