Innovative platform for ageing workers

DigiOrch Project
Project Description

Horizon Europe, GA: 826506

Start Date

01 January 2022


36 Months

The live enjoyment of a concert is enriched by the use of a mobile phone with AI technologies

As the European population is ageing, adult workers and employees need to improve their performance at work and quality of life.

The EU-funded sustAGE project will explore how health and safety at work, continuous training, and proper workforce management allow ageing workers to be competitive at work.

The project will provide a paradigm shift in human-machine interaction, combining seven strategic technology trends: IoT, machine learning, micro moments, temporal reasoning, recommender systems, data analytics, and gamification in a composite system integrated with the daily activities.

The system will support employers and ageing employees to jointly increase well being, wellness at work, and productivity, recommending personalised cognitive and physical training activities, warning regarding occupational risks and maximising team performance.