Safeguarding and protecting cultural heritage sites and artefacts

Project Description

Horizon Europe, GA: 101094237

Start date

1 January 2023


36 Months

Cultural heritage around the globe suffers from wars, natural disasters and human negligence. Cultural goods (CGs) are put at risk through several anthropogenic actions: theft, smuggling and illicit trade, looting and demolition of archaeological sites, or simply neglect of heritage sites. Illicit trade has expanded dramatically, especially in areas affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters. Innovative efforts to protect and preserve cultural heritage are needed. The EU-funded ENIGMA project will work to protect cultural heritage and artefacts. It will focus on technologies enhancing identification, traceability and provenance research of CGs, and safeguarding and monitoring endangered heritage sites. ENIGMA will also collaborate with stakeholders to enhance their role in the preservation and improvement of databases, as well as the introduction of preventive measures.