Cross Border Risk Awareness in Western Balkans

ROSES EU Project
Project Description

Horizon Europe, GA: 101101184

Start Date

01 January 2023


24 Months

Cross Border Risk Awareness in Western Balkans.

The project aims to raise and enhance risk awareness in the Western Balkans cross border areas, by sharing best practices on risk communication, elaborating actions in the fields of host nation support in cross-border areas, empowering of local communities for joint disaster risk reduction and management, activating collaboration in bilateral agreements, public engagement and inclusion of vulnerable groups, risk awareness in educational structures, innovative processes in the protection of cultural heritage, as well as shedding light upon the issues in disaster preparedness and business continuity in cross-border areas.

While cross-border cooperation is relatively well-established in the area of emergency response, cross-border cooperation during the prevention and preparedness phases can be further enhanced. This is especially true for the Western Balkans region with a difficult geomorphology which can hinder an immediate support in case of a major disaster.